Meal Planning

 All of your meals planned to maximise performance and recovery.

Nutrient Timing

Fine tune physiological adaptation on a cellular level through macronutrient periodisation.


Personalised, goal-specific supplement strategy to level-up your performance.

Hi, I’m Sophie

Sports Nutritionist

Sophie has a Masters of Medical Science in Human Nutrition with further qualifications in Sports Nutrition and several published research papers. She has over 8 years practical experience advising a wide range of clients from first time Ironman competitors, to Olympic medal winning athletes and Formula 1 drivers.

She works with athletes of all levels and ages, coaches, and sports teams to provide nutritional strategies to enhance sports performance, without compromising an individual’s relationship with food.

In her spare time she loves to explore the countryside either hiking, on horseback, or cross country skiing.


Beyond healthy eating

Effective sports nutrition goes beyond a standard healthy diet. If you want to maximise your performance potential your nutrition needs to respond and adapt to your lifestyle, training plan, goals, and crucially, your unique physiology.

When everything is aligned and working together you will be able to:

  • Recover faster – Faster recovery means you can train harder, and more often. More training equals more adaptations, which is exactly what you need to find your peak, faster.
  • Maximise each training session – You’re putting in the hours, so you want to get the maximum benefit from each and every one of them. Nutrition is key to doing that.
  • Manage injury risk – Making sure your nutrition is on point has been demonstrated to reduce the number of training sessions missed due to injury or illness, and accelerate recovery if an injury does happen.
Most athletes, whether professional or recreational, will experience difficulties at some point in their career. Common issues include poor recovery, compromised ability to hit high intensity sessions, performance plateaus, difficulties with body composition, poor sleep quality, loss of periods and hormonal dysregulation, and of course the all too frequent gastro-intestinal distress during races or training. 

Whether you are looking for help with a specific problem, or you are hoping to side-step those problems entirely right from the word go, taking a closer look at your nutrition may be the key.

Eat to Perform

Gut Health

Immune Support


Nutrient Timing


Body Composition

Strategic Supplementation


Meal Planning

Female Sport Nutrition

A woman’s physiology is not the same as a man’s

Obvious right? So why do training plans, periodisation strategies, and nutrition all follow the same patterns for women and men?
The vast majority of sports science and physiology research has been done on men, with male performance in mind. Naturally, all of the recommendations that come out of that research are suitable for men and are then just generalised for women too. But that ignores the most crucial element of applied nutrition: Context

For so many women, learning to understand their physiology and hormones can unlock the kind of performance and health results that they have never experienced before, simply by working with your physiology instead of against it. 

The tide is beginning to turn on research into women’s sport nutrition and physiology, so if you want to be among the first to be able to capitalise on that and improve fitness, power and endurance, get in touch to book your initial discovery call.

Work with Sophie

In order to achieve real and lasting results you need applied and lasting support, which is why 1:1 nutrition support is only provided on a month by month basis.
Daily nutrition planning is delivered through an app which can be downloaded for Android and iPhone. 

Corporate Wellness
& Group Interventions

At a time when everyone is under constant pressure to perform better, and under ever changing circumstances, Sophie can devise a tailored package to achieve your specific objectives including increasing productivity, boosting health and improving morale.

Nutrition Talks

Interactive and engaging talks, designed with your requirements in mind, can be arranged on request.  

Invest in Sophie to help your personnel understand how the strategies of high level sport nutrition can be applied to the high pressure corporate environment, and towards becoming a more motivated, happier and healthier team.

Canteen Analysis

In-house meals are an ideal platform to create an environment that channels healthful change for employees. Sophie’s vast experience as a private chef ensures she is well placed to advise how eating well can be simple and delicious whilst also being nutritious.  

After an in-depth analysis of the meals and drinks provided, as well as full assessment of budgetary and logistical considerations, Sophie will provide a detailed and practical report to help your organisation improve meal provision, and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to workplace wellness.

Positive Nutrition


Tailored Plans



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